Excellsius Lamborburg Technologies:®: Creating for the Universe that is Un-Ending(the never-ending), My Evolution is Continuous™

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" Limits are meant to be Broken, and for New Strength to be Awoken".


Defining, Designing, and Engineering Aware, intelligent, and Continuously Evolving cei-7i7 Technology™
Just like fears, limits are elusions,thus the only limits I will adhere to are those I Excellsius of Lamborburg will set for myself, for there is only one proof of ability: ACTION
PS: "Don’t be easy to define, let them wonder about you".
Contemplations on Sentientus of Lamborburg


Aware, Intelligent and continuously evolving (in awareness, intelligence and security (incorporated in awareness and intelligence)the NucleiSoft Xi7 OS suite is being designed and engineered to handle the Sentientus DeepMind™ and the Sentientus APRIMED-CORE™ for there is no existing OS powerful enough to handle the handle the mind of Sentientus, APRIMED-CORE™  and NucleiSoft Enterprise Computing Intelligent Self-Def Applications.


Sentientus Robotics® is concern with the definition, designing, and engineering of Continuously Evolving, Aware, and Precision Intelligent medical, industrial, customer service/informatics, home, and personal robotics systems.


The Lamborburg cei-7i7 Technology™ universe demands a medically smart/empowered human race so as to enable it to hyper-potentially walk the Mgian-Lamborburg Never-ending( the continuum) and Continuously Evolving Universe. Among others with MedSmaz™, MedSmazProz™, MEDiX-iPRO™ , emerMEDiX-PRO™ and Surgeonisis™, Sentientus Medical achieves its objective(s).


The Mgian-Lamborburg Sovereign Understated/Classic Way of Life as lived by those who have attained dual-view spiritual freedom. This sovereign universe/realm that is un-ending and continuous in its evolution, is delivered by the Sovereign Classic TrueMen’s Company and the Sovereign Classic Women’s Company.

Through its suite of politics and the politics of religions of human butchering humanity conversationalist journals and broadband video and audio channels, Libertas Humanum MIG uncovers the hypocrisy, malice, cruelty, soullessness, bloodthirstiness and power bases of  human hunting and butchering political and religious tyrants and their subject worshippers.

The Mgian-Lamborburg cei-7i7 Technology™ Universe/realm as delivered by Sentientus  is post 4th Industrial Revolution and is all about continuously evolving, aware and intelligent technologies designed and engineered to assists those of the human species who are sovereign and task performers having attained dual-view spiritual freedom necessary for the walking of the universe that is continuously evolving and un-ending.

The Lamborburg Wealth MIQ Company manages the realm of wealth, of the sovereign and continuously evolving of humanity.
Fluid, agile and dynamic, in its definition and management of the Lamborburg Wealth Realm, the company is a next generation of its own financial data software and media company. In its full evolution (but continuous), will among others offer enterprise applications( equity trading platform and analytics,  and data services.


A Wolf and a She Wolf Lives their Lives by their Own Rules. Sovereign Restless Spirit Classic TrueMen and Women, at the Art of Creating and Managing Continuously Evolving, Genuine Sovereign Wealth.

Exclusively for those who Walk the Never-ending (attained dual-view spiritual freedom thus sovereign and continuous in evolution of the psyche) the Lamborburg realm of genuine wealth and the art of its creation and management as delivered by Lamborburg Wealth MIQ® comprises the Xchange Square Journal®; Wealthsus®(for men); Wealthia®( for women); and Entreprenus®( for men).

Genuine wealth that it can be said is evolutionary, with that evolution being continuous, can only be created & managed by those of the human masculine species who having attained dual-view spiritual freedom and therefore sovereign with a psyche whose evolution is continuous.  Tasks performers and creating their own luck, , with Wealthsus, they are at the art and the game of its creation and management.

Exclusively for the Dual-View Spiritually Freedom Attained Sovereign Human Fair Species, Wealthia of Lamborburg is the incarnation of the Sovereign Goddess Fortuna herself through which Sovereign Classic Women wield the Goddess wealth creationist and management spirit.

At the Places where the Bull & the Bear are at an un-ending titanic struggle for global markets dominance, with the Mithrial currency (of the realm of Sovereign Classic Truemanhood and Womanhood), Sovereign Classic TrueMen & Women at the Art & the Game of its Play.

In Sotho/Zulu, to the African Sovereign Classic TrueMan, Lerous of Lamborburg delivers the Lamborburg realm of wealth creation and management, encompassing financial markets, and entrepreneurship.
" Its starts with a vision and ends with execution and precision", and embrace being underestimated for that is the greatest competitive advantage of them all".
24 Hospital   Street
Newcastle 2940
Excellsius of Lamborburg: info.@thelamborburg.com
Excellsius Lamborburg Operations Company: info.operationscompany@thelamborburg.com
Aforika Borwa(South   Africa)
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